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Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of at least two Roman forts at a supermarket construction site near Falkirk.

Artefacts including bones, jewellery and coins were discovered at the development in Camelon.

Contractors Barr Construction, who are currently building a Tesco store on the site, are to put the excavated items on public display.

Experts believe the forts date back to the first and second centuries AD.

Two other excavations at the site, one in the 1900s and the other in the 1970s also found evidence of Roman occupation.

Leather shoes, ceramics and ovens were found in this latest dig.

Martin Cook, chief archaeologist at the site, said the fort was at the north-west frontier of the Roman empire and would have had a significant strategic role, as well as being one of the most heavily populated areas of Scotland in Roman times. Read more.