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THE “spectacular” discovery of ancient pottery has revealed how the Romans wined and dined here in South Tyneside almost 2,000 years ago.

And far from sampling the delights of our local brews, it seems they still preferred to ship wines from the Mediterranean to their northern outpost.

Several pieces of a 3ft-tall wine jug have been found during an excavation just outside Arbeia Roman Fort.

The pottery will be stuck together to recreate the metre-high jug, which would have contained numerous litres of wine when it was imported to the fort between AD 250 and AD 350.

The find has been described as “spectacular and significant” by archaeologist Nick Hodgson.

Mr Hodgson is project manager for Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums, which conducted the dig at Arbeia with a team of volunteers, from June to September.

He said: “What is special about this is it can be stuck together to see what it originally looked like. Read more.