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EDMONTON - Archeologists have uncovered a palisade trench on the Epcor grounds that for the first time pinpoints the location of one of the early Edmonton fur trading forts.

“That would make it one of the earliest non-native structures in the City of Edmonton,” said archeologist Nancy Saxberg, who excavated under the concrete floor of a 1950s machine shop in May and July as part of the expansion of the Epcor water offices and decommissioning of the power plant in the downtown river valley.

What she found isn’t much to look at — a 50 centimetre-wide line of disturbed soil in a layer of silty, light-coloured sub soil that was ground level at the time of the fur traders. But it’s definitely a man-made trench and far too wide to be part of a house or other building, she said. It varied in depth from about 80 centimetres to one metre, with clear steps between them. Read more.

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