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PARK HILL, Okla. — Tucked away amid the hundreds of tall trees surrounding the Cherokee Heritage Center, the Tsa-La-Gi village purports to show visitors what life might have been like for Cherokees before the American Indian tribe first encountered Europeans during the mid-16th century.

That was the plan when the village was built back in 1967. But archaeological finds during ensuing decades have indicated there are historical errors in the village’s construction. Now, the tribe is going back and trying to fix the problems.

The new exhibit, set to open in June 2012 on four acres adjacent to the museum, “is designed to introduce audiences to the Cherokee people and to help them understand the Cherokee culture as having a distinct history that was already ancient when their own written history began,” said the museum’s executive director, Carey Tilley.

About $640,000 has been raised so far for the project, enough to proceed in earnest, Tilley told The Associated Press. Read more.

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