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Another Thunder Bay-area archaeological site has bitten the dust.

“We were hoping that we would have been notified that this site was here before it happened,” said Red Rock Chief Pierre Pelletier June 16 at an archaeological site that is scheduled for excavation this summer near Thunder Bay. “They dug up a major portion of the site that should never have been hauled away in gravel trucks.”

Pelletier said First Nation communities need to be notified about any archeological sites that are scheduled for excavation.

“They have to give us notification so that we can make sure that the history is saved and everybody knows what is going on,” Pelletier said. “What I heard is this site was supposed to be left alone until the archaeologists finished off, but apparently it wasn’t.”

The site was intended to be completely avoided by the construction work, a Ministry of Transportation Ontario spokeswoman said in an e-mail message.

“As soon as it became apparent that construction would impact the site, a licensed archaeologist was contacted,” said Annemarie Piscopo, regional communications officer with the Ministry of Transportation Northwestern Region.

Piscopo said the archaeologist contacted area First Nations advising them of the situation. Read more.

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