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A bulldozer has destroyed a prehistoric settlement and a medieval church near the town of Momchilgrad in southern Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian National Television, BNT, reports that the case is under police investigation with the most likely culprit being a construction company building the new road to Greece through the Makaza mountain pass. A special commission from the Culture Ministry is checking the premises.

8 000 years ago, at the same location, there had been a prehistoric settlementwith unique for Europe architecture – it was a craftsman center for making various tools.

"We still don’t know what happened, but the bulldozer had flattened the entire settlement mount and the west wall of the church," archeologist Milen Kamarev is quoted saying. Read more.

HILO — Sierra Club hikers have come upon bulldozer damage to petroglyphs they fear will only increase with the development of the proposed Kahuku Village project.

Sierra Club outings leader Diane Ware said Friday the Big Island environmental group is submitting photos, taken Aug. 28, along with comments in response to a draft environmental impact statement for Nani Kahuku Aina. That’s the owner of the proposed 1,600-unit development on 2,000 acres of its 16,000 acre holdings in Ka’u. The deadline for public comment on the proposed EIS is Sunday.

"I can’t say that it’s them, but you have to suspect with development, with petroglyphs down there that they want to give access to, you’re going to see more," Ware said. "If they widen that road or pave it, you know that they’re going to be doing more damage." Read more.