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Kathie Read made an unusual find among the flower pots and cobwebs as she cleaned out her garden shed – a box of fossilised mammoth teeth.

Mrs Read, from Broome, near Bungay, was tidying up when she came across a wooden box belonging to her late husband, John.

Inside she found what she thought were bones, but on closer inspection they appeared to be huge teeth.

Mr Read, who died in 2008, aged 82, had never spoken in detail to his wife about the find, only once making a vague passing reference to it.

The newspaper the teeth were wrapped in was dated November 16, 1950, eight years before the couple married.

Keen to get to the root of the puzzle, Mrs Read contacted his friend, Vic Cossey, who came and had a look.

Mr Cossey took the teeth to David Waterhouse, curator of natural history at Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service, who examined them and said they were molars from the lower jaw of an adult woolly mammoth. Read more.

Archaeologists have uncovered a wealth of interesting artifacts after excavating at a Norfolk pub.

The finds were discovered during a dig at the Mermaid Inn at Hedenham, near Bungay, on Sunday.

The dig took place at a Summer Fayre put on to raise money for sufferers of cancer.

Carenza Lewis, of Channel 4’s Time Team, led the digs and explained how excited she was as it was the first time she had excavated in the area she grew up in.

“We’ve never dug here before and we had no idea what we would find,” Dr Lewis explained.

“It’s the closest I’ve ever done to digging to my childhood home and it’s lovely also to be part of a community raising money for Macmillan.”

The team found a Victorian pipe, evidence of a pre-historic settlement dating from over 3000 years ago, items from either the Bronze or Iron Age, Medieval pottery and cooking implements from the time of the Norman conquest. Read more.