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ENAISEH, Lebanon: Parts of a Byzantine church at the top of Jabal al-Kenaiseh were destroyed by treasure hunters, according to anthropologist Chamoun Mouannes, who lamented the attack and called on officials to protect the country’s archeological sites.

“We often cross rough roads in Lebanon, and we were very surprised when we saw a historical site at 2,100 meters above sea level, a temple dating to Roman times, with large parts of it destroyed and tampered with in search of treasures,” said Mouannes, who heads the hiking group, Club of the Hidden Roads and Foot Trails of Lebanon.

The structure witnessed a succession of peoples belonging to different historical eras before it was transformed into a Byzantine church, Mouannes said, affirming that the mountain, which stretches between the two villages of Falougha and Kfar Salwan, was named Al-Kenaiseh (church) after the structure.

Mouannes was surprised that those responsible for damaging the temple were able to reach the site. Read more.