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Egyptian archaeologists have discovered four Greek and Byzantine-era rock tombs in a section of old Alexandria’s eastern necropolis in an area neighbouring Al-Ibrahimeya tunnel.

The site was discovered during excavations carried out by the Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA) and stretches between the areas of Al-Shatbi and Mostafa Kamel.

Excavations uncovered four rock-hewn Greek and Byzantine tombs containing a collection of funerary pots, perfume containers and lamps.

MSA minister Mohamed Ibrahim stated that the aim of the excavations was to inspect the area for archaeological artefacts before declaring it free for residential building.

“It is a very important discovery that adds more detail to the archaeological map of Alexandria,” Ibrahim told Ahram Online. A finely decorated clay container from the second century BC was among the discoveries, he added.

Director general of Alexandria antiquities, Mohamed Mostafa, explained that the most important tomb is one dating from the Greco-Roman era which include an open courtyard with two rocky cylindrical columns in the middle. Two burial shafts filled with human skeletons and clay pots were also uncovered. Read more.

An archaeological dig in İzmir’s Yeşilova district has revealed fingerprints dating back to the Neolithic age close
to nine millennia ago. No other place in the area has such a long history of human settlement, a scholar says

Researchers conducting excavations in Yeşilova Höyüğü, the oldest known area of human settlement in İzmir, have announced the discovery of fingerprints belonging to former residents of the area that are more than eight millennia old.

“We have discovered fingerprints that go back 8,500 years [to the Neolithic era]. Those fingerprints are thought to belong to children and women,” Zafer Derin, the scholar leading the excavation, recently told Anatolia news agency, adding that it was the first discovery of its type in the area.

The team discovered the fingerprints from clay pots. “Ancient people made the clay pots with other ingredients and thanks to those ingredients – which we have not yet discovered – the fingerprints reveal themselves,” said Derin, but added that a fire had badly damaged the pots. Read more.