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Boxes and other forms of containers are technologies that arise at given points of time in various cultures. Everybody knows the ancient Egyptian practice of mummifying their dead. What is perhaps less known is that they placed the mummies inside layer upon layer of coffins says Anders Bettum, Egyptologist at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo.

“The Egyptian coffin sets are based on the same principle that we can observe with Chinese boxes and Russian nested matryoshka dolls, where objects are nested inside each other to constitute a complete ensemble,” he says.

Ancient Egyptian history encompasses a period of nearly three thousand years, up to the Roman conquest in the year 30 BCE. Today, museums all over the world possess mummies or coffins that have contained mummies of more or less prominent men and women.

The child king Tutankhamun (1334-24 BCE) was buried in as many as eight coffins, according to Bettum. Read more.

FOURTEEN coffins dating back 2,500 years have been uncovered from an empty plot of land in Karranah.

Archaeologists also found skeletal remains alongside traditional funeral objects of the time such as jars, small pottery and beads.

They have now been moved to the Bahrain National Museum after being carefully excavated.

The discoveries were made during a routine inspection by the Culture Ministry when the landowner applied for permission to build on it in 2011.

"When anyone wants to build something on land, they have to check with the Culture Ministry first," said archaeologist in charge Salman Al Mahari. Read more.

Perched in some cases on precarious cliff ledges, centuries-old log coffins—such as this one, pictured alongside researcher Nancy Beavan—and “body jars” are the only known traces of an unknown Cambodian tribe. Now new dating studies are beginning to assure the unnamed culture a place in history.

Ten such burial spots have been found in the Cardamom Mountainssince 2003, and none are lower than about 50 stories—the intention apparently being that “anyone trying to disturb the burials would break their neck,” said Beavan, who led the new study.

Skulls and other human bones poke from large ceramic jars at Khnorng Sroal, one of the newly dated mountainside burials in southwestern Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains.

Hewn from tree trunks some 700 years ago, several log coffins are pictured lined up like ramshackle piano keys beneath a rock overhang at the Phnom Pel burial site in Cambodia in 2010.

Human bones lie inside a log coffin at Phnom Pel. Read more.

A grave-robbing group of ancient Egypt aficionados have been charged with smuggling 2000-year-old sarcophagus coffins - minus the mummies - into the U.S., authorities said Thursday.

Mousa “Morris” Khouli, the owner of Windsor Antiquities on E. 56th St., tried to dupe Customs officials by mislabeling the shipments of coffins and other artifacts as “antiques” and “wood panels,” according to an indictment unsealed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Also charged are Salem Alshdaifat, who operated Holyland Numismatics in Michigan, and collector Joseph Lewis, of Virginia. Ayman Ramadan, an antiquity dealers from Dubai, UAE, is a fugitive. Read more.