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MORE treasure has been found in Furness, in the form of a gold ring from the Bronze Age.

The find, believed to have been made by a local man within the past six months, was declared as treasure at an inquest on Friday.

Mr Ian Smith, coroner for South and East Cumbria, acted on advice from the British Museum.

Having studied the ring, museum experts reported it was made of rolled-up gold sheet and dated back to between 1300BC and 1100BC.

Mr Smith said: “In their view, because of it’s precious metal content, and its age, it amounts to treasure. I accept that view.”

The coroner could not say where in Furness the ring was found, as it could lead to copy-cat treasure-hunters scouring the spot.

The find will now go before the British Museum’s valuation committee, before a new home is found for it. Read more.

The collection of 92 silver coins and artefacts was discovered by a metal detectorist in the Furness area over the Easter weekend.

The hoard was officially declared as treasure by South and East Cumbria Coroner, Ian Smith, yesterday(31).

The hoard was provisionally valued at tens of thousands of pounds when it was first found and is the largest amount of Viking treasure ever found in Furness.

A valuation by the British Museum will now take place, then a museum will be able to take ownership.

Sabine Skae, curator at the Dock Museum is keen for the hoard to return to Furness once the valuation has been made.

Ms Skae said: “The British Museum have said they want the hoard to come to Barrow.

“Once we know the valuation then we can move forward.

“I’m really excited about getting this treasure into the Dock Museum. Read more.

A metal detectorist uncovered a Viking hoard of silver coins and artefacts in the Cumbrian countryside.

The collection, which has been provisionally valued at tens of thousands of pounds, was found in an undisclosed site in Furness.

It is being examined by experts at the British Museum and is expected to be declared as treasure.

Experts at Barrow’s Dock Museum hope to acquire the hoard and said it was an exciting find for the area.

It consists of 92 silver coins and artefacts including ingots and a silver bracelet. Among the coins is a pair of Arabic dirhams.

Experts believe it is significant evidence of material culture of the 9th and 10th Century Vikings in the peninsula. Read more.