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A small hammer dating to the 10th century was found recently on the Danish Island of Lolland. Over 1000 of these amulets have been found across Northern Europe but the pendant from Lolland is the only one with a runic inscription.

This particular torshammere (Thor’s Hammer Amulet) was found at Købelev and reported to the Museum Lolland-Falster archaeologist Anders Rasmussen by detectorist Torben Christjansen.

Hammer pendants are interpreted as amulets shaped like Mjölnir, the hammer owned by the Norse god, Thor. Viking men and women often wore Thor’s hammer for protection.  “It was the amulet’s protective power that counted, and often we see torshammere and Christian crosses appearing together, providing double protection”, said Peter Pentz, an archaeologist at the National Museum of Denmark. Read more.

A group of students from Hocking College and their teacher, archeologist Annette Ericksen, spent some time this summer at the old English trading post in west-central Ohio near present-day Piqua.

The students found a blacksmith’s hammer at the English post that was built in territory claimed by the French. A a subsequent attack on Pickawillany in 1752 would be the unofficial beginning of the French and Indian War (1754-63) to resolve a territorical dispute.

Nature American artifacts along with trading tools are on display at the Ohio Historical Center on 17th Avenue near the Fairgrounds. (source)