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A Mega-wombat’s relic with a complete structure of bones was found by scientists in northern Australia on Wednesday, July 06, 2011, according to international reports that day.

Apparently, the herbivorous mega-wombat existed around 2.5 million years ago and became extinct about 55,000 years ago. It was considered as the largest marsupial on earth weighing three tonnes.

It was said that the animal was as size as of a rhinoceros or a car, two meters tall (6 feet, six inches) and 3.5 meters (11 feet, six inches) long, with a backward-facing pouch and pigeon-toed.

Furthermore, it was believed that wombat was related to a diprotodon – a hippopotamus-sized marsupial, which was deemed as the most northerly specimen ever discovered by the scientists in remote Queensland last week.

“They basically looked a lot like a wombat, a very big beefed-up wombat, much bigger than obviously anything that’s around today,” Sue Hand, a paleontologist at the University of New South Wales said in the reports. Read more.