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Hazaribagh : Officials of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Ranchi circle, today excavated a stone shivling and a large number of clay utensils near a stupa at Ma Bhadrakali temple, Itkhori, confirming religious confluence and hinting at a well-developed civilisation that flourished around 9th century AD.

The excavation started under the supervision of N.G. Nikoshey, archaeological superintendent with the ASI’s Ranchi circle. “Today, we recovered a partially damaged 11-inch black stone shivling and several clay utensils of daily use. This is just the beginning. We have tremendous hopes for the area,” Nikoshey said.

The archaeologist added that the discovery of the clay utensils showed the promise of Itkhori being a thriving civilisation in the Middle Ages.

“This excavation will bring the hidden history to all. It is a very important religious centre. We will start scientific excavation after four days,” he said. Read more.

Hazaribagh: The temple village of Itkhori in Chatra district, 63km from Hazaribagh, is buzzing with excitement. In a day or two, chosen sites on its famed Ma Bhadrakali temple premises will be dug up for the first time by a team from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

The temple, dating circa 7th century AD, is unique as it is a confluence of three religions —Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Besides Bhadrakali, seen as a propitious form of Kali, Shiva and Hanuman idols complete the Hindu influence. Besides these, there is a stupa with 1,008 figurines of Buddha and the charan paduka (slippers) of Jain Tirthankar Sheetalnath. All are made of black stone, with similar aesthetic styles, suggesting religious co-existence in close proximity in the Middle Ages. Read more.