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Archeologists from China and Kenya say they have discovered a sunken Chinese ship dating to the middle ages, off the Kenyan coast in Malindi.

The experts announced in Malindi on December 26 that following three years of underwater research, they came across the vessel 14 nautical miles off Ngomeni village in Magarini district, Kilifi County.

And yesterday, a Kenyan archaeologist Ceasar Bita predicted that it could take between one and three years to study and bring the vessel to the surface from the seabed.

“It is a very expensive venture to bring it to the surface,” said Bita who disclosed that due to the huge financial implications and lack of local expertise in underwater archeology were the main challenges. Read more.

Kenyan and Chinese archaeologists yesterday made another major breakthrough in their excavation work after they discovered prisoners’ shackles and spent cartridges at a mass grave in Malindi. The experts described the items as a possible link that indicated there were military activities in Malindi Kingdom and the Kenyan coast. In their latest findings at the site, which had over 15 mammalian skeletons, the archeologists also found skeletons believed to be of wild animals together with those that are human-like.

Other discoveries in the ‘mass grave site’ were Indian and Chinese pottery materials, which the excavators said was a clear proof that Malindi had trade links with the Far East during the pre-colonial era. Jambo Haro, the National Museums of Kenya head of archaeology in charge of Coast and Caesar Bita, NMK’s head of underwater archaeology, led the excavation team.

Haro said the discovery is clear evidence that the skeletons in the trench is not a mass grave but a proof that there were warfare activities. Read more.