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The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has returned 10 illegally traded historical artifacts from Lydia, an Iron Age empire in western Turkey, to the Turkish mission in Washington.

Returning the items, which were estimated to have originated in the western province of Manisa and date back to the first and third centuries A.D., to the Turkish Embassy came during a joint presentation between officials from the FBI and Turkish mission in Washington on Aug. 5.

The artifacts included grave stones and sacrifice stelas, which are stone or wooden slabs on which Lydians would inscribe the sacrifices of animals or possessions that deceased people had made during their lives, used in funeral or commemorative services. Read more.

A third-year PhD student working on an archaeological dig in western Turkey was found dead Thursday morning, apparently the victim of a fall in a rugged area of hills and caves in the province of Manisa. Chad DiGregorio, 26, reportedly set out alone on his day off in search of artifacts that would support his research. His body was found by a police search party.

Willis Wang, a BU vice president and associate provost, said DiGregorio’s colleagues in the Central Lydia Archaeological Survey, a university research project, notified local police on Wednesday evening, after he failed to show up for a group dinner. Wang said fellow researchers managed to hack into DiGregorio’s personal computer to find the GPS location of his cell phone, which led searchers to the countryside one hour from the project’s base in the village of Tekelioğlu. Read more.