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The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has designated a series of Northamptonshire medieval villages as Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

Being designated in this way will hopefully protect the sites from a number of threats, including future development; local resource extraction; vandalism, and even environmental damage.

Describing the sites as “wonderful examples of the hidden heritage that exists across the UK” Minister for Heritage, Ed Vaizey said the preservation order would “help us understand our past” and “allow us to uncover the secrets of medieval society going back centuries.” Read more.

The remains of four Anglo-Saxon adults have been found in shallow graves during excavation work at a river in Northamptonshire.

The graves, 12in (30cm) below ground level, were found during the work to create a new backwater at the River Ise at Rushton near Kettering.

A 6th Century bowl was also found in the graves.

Archaeologists said they were “excited” by the graves, which have since been covered again with soil.

Jim Brown, senior project officer at Northamptonshire Archaeology, said the discovery of burial goods with the body remains indicated the people were “certainly pagan”. Read more.

Nine fifth and sixth Century skeletons unearthed on the site of a former Roman Villa in Northamptonshire are to be re-interred.

The skeletons were found in two archaeological digs at Whitehall Farm, in Nether Heyford, in 2004 and 2009, and are being returned to the land on Wednesday, June 26.

When excavated, the graves were found to include several warrior burials with swords and daggers alongside the bodies, as well as possessions including a beaded necklace, spear and brooch.

Also interred were an infant and several adolescents, suggesting a family grave. Read more.

TWO people are being investigated by police on suspicion of attempting to loot buried treasure from the site of a historic Roman walled town in Northamptonshire.

Police confirmed the two suspects remained on bail on suspicion of illegally using a metal detector, the theft of treasure, damage to the land and other offences at a site of “tremendous historical and archeological importance”. They are believed to have attempted to take Roman coins and other historical artefacts.

Police said ‘several’ alleged crimes were being investigated at Chester House Farm, in Irchester, which is regarded by historians as one of the most important sites of its type in the county. Police are now liaising with experts from English Heritage and a national police expert about pursuing a case, which if prosecuted, could be one of the biggest of its kind in the country. Read more.