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Cultural and Arts Affairs Minister T B Ekanayake has planned to launch a series of programmes to discover ocean archaeological treasures such as sunken ships and to develop ancient sites in the country.

This decision followed a discussion between Cultural and Arts Affairs Minister T B Ekanayake and Chinese Cultural Minister Cai Wu recently in China.

During his tour in China recently, Minister Ekanayake met Chinese Cultural Minister Cal Wu and decided on the above.

Ekanayake took the opportunity to make the Chinese Cultural Minister aware of the long-standing relationship between the two countries especially during the period of the Ming Empire. Excavations of the ancient city of Yapahuwa revealed that many trade activities had taken place between China and Sri Lanka. Chinese coins and ceramic items which were found from excavations in the ancient city of Yapahuwa have provided ample evidence in this regard. An urn was found from the Galsohonkanatta cemetery in Yapahuwa and also some pollen. Samples of these pollen were linked to lotus flowers in China today. Further Minister T B Ekanayake had explained the ancient trade affairs of the two countries through the Silk Road and the relationships of the two countries which were existing from the Second Century BC.

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