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In September 2011, Project Eliseg – comprising staff and students from Bangor and Chester universities – conducted a second season of excavation at the early ninth-century Pillar of Eliseg, Llangollen, Denbighshire, Wales. It is the first time an early medieval cross in Wales has been subject to extensive archaeological excavation. This is particularly important as, unlike most early medieval inscribed stones and sculpted crosses from western Britain, the Pillar of Eliseg seems to have remained at or is very close to its original location.

The Pillar is a scheduled ancient monument under the stewardship of Cadw. Located close to the tourist hotspot of Valle Crucis Abbey, it is crucial for our understanding of the history and archaeology of early medieval kingdoms of Wales (see Evans 2005). The monument comprises part of a round cross-shaft set within its original base and placed upon a mound. It once bore a long Latin inscription couched in legal phraseology saying that the cross was raised by Concenn, ruler of Powys (died AD 854), in memory of his great-grandfather, Eliseg. Read more.

Archaeologists are launching a new dig to try to unearth the secrets of a 9th Century stone monument on a prehistoric mound.

Bangor and Chester university experts will begin excavations at the Pillar of Eliseg near Llangollen, Denbighshire.

It is part of work by historical monuments agency Cadw to conserve the mound and better explain it to people.

Last year excavations focussed on the mound, which was identified as an early Bronze Age cairn.

It followed on from one in the 18th Century.

Professor Nancy Edwards from Bangor University told BBC Radio Wales: “We are looking at the relationship between the pillar and the early Bronze Age cairn on which it stands. Read more.