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Deep sea treasure hunters may evoke storybook images of swashbuckling buccaneers on daring ocean adventures.

For those in the rapidly expanding sector of marine archeology however, scouring the depths of the sea for sunken riches is business — big business.

"There are multi-hundreds of billions of dollars of potential in this industry," says Sean Tucker, founder and managing member of Galleon Ventures, a U.S. based historical shipwreck and salvage exploration company.

"Treasure bearing ships that have historical artifacts, coins, emeralds" dating back hundreds of years are lying at the bottom of the sea just waiting to be brought to the surface, he adds.

UNESCO estimates there to be as many as three million shipwrecks scattered across the bottom of the world’s oceans. Read more.

IF JIMMY HOFFA were a pirate, Pat Croce would have found his body by now.

What you might not know about Croce, the hard-charging former 76ers president, physical therapist, TV commentator, motivational speaker, writer and entrepreneur, is that he’s also a hard-core “pirate aficionado.”

And he just discovered Sir Francis Drake’s burnt shipwrecks off the coast of Panama - a monumental breakthrough in underwater archaeology that solves a 400-year-old mystery.

"Explorers have been trying to do this stuff forever, and here I am, a homeboy from Philadelphia in the Caribbean and we score!" Croce told the Daily News last night. “It’s pretty wild.” Read more.