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TUSCALOOSA | Clinton in Greene County may be only a short drive from Tuscaloosa, but some chalk outcroppings there took participants in the Alabama Museum of Natural History’s 33rd Annual Expedition into the distant past.

“We had some exceptionally good finds, some for the first time in Alabama,” said Randy McCready, museum director. “We found some really nice first-time stuff.”

Among the finds were a rare bone from a plesiosaur, teeth from very rare sharks, part of a shark’s skeleton and mosasaur fossils.

“We were going to a place that hadn’t been visited in a very long time,” said Jim Parham, museum paleontologist. “We were so grateful to the private landowners who let us go on their land. We thought we’d find some good stuff, but I wouldn’t hesitate to say it exceeded expectations.” Read more.

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama - The Mississippian people who constructed the monuments at Moundville, just outside of Tuscaloosa, believed that human beings trod the earth on a crust between the World Beneath and the World Above, moving in a universe full of living spirits.

So does Jeremy Davis, a doctoral archaeology student at the University of Alabama.

Last week, Davis followed some University of Alabama archaeology students as they ran in from a sudden rainstorm. The rain had chased them away from the careful pits they are digging on the plaza at the center of the 326-acre Moundville Archaeological Park. Read more.