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DRESDEN, ONT.—The mapping of unmarked graves at the Uncle Tom’s Cabin historic site in southwestern Ontario has been delayed by the weather.

A search using ground-penetrating radar was set for Thursday in Dresden, Ont., at the request of the Ontario Heritage Trust, but it has been postponed because of rain.

Edward Eastaugh, archeology supervisor at the University of Western Ontario in London, says ground conditions play a major factor in using the technology.

The work is now set for next Tuesday and Wednesday.

The site in Dresden is home to two historic cemeteries belonging to the British American Institute and the Henson family.

Eastaugh says the cemeteries are still in use, so the map will ensure unmarked graves are not dug up. Read more.

NAPLES, Fla. - A team of archaeologists is solving mysteries for a Collier County family. The group spent Friday looking for unmarked graves at the historic Kirkland Cemetery on Shell Island Road in Naples. But who the graves belong to is the mystery the team is trying to solve.

The cemetery has been in Chris Kirkland Durfey’s family for more than a hundred years. She knows several of her ancestors are buried there, but she’s not sure where.

"That’s what you want to know, where is their final resting place?" asks Durfey, "the fact that this person lived here, somebody needs to know that they’re here."

Teams from the Florida Public Archaeology Network used ground penetrating radar to scan for unmarked graves.

"At least they’ll be some type of marker put on each unmarked grave," said Durfey. Read more.