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Tucked away behind metal construction fences lie some of the visible remains of an ancient temple.  Most of the ancient temple foundations are now hidden, overlaid by urban sprawl, and what fraction can still be seen is eclipsed and sandwiched in by buildings.  The unsuspecting pedestrian may never even notice it. It is shrouded in part by overhanging vegetation. It lies almost forgotten now within its modern context as the steady march of change and development has passed it by.

The Late Archaic period temple, 200 years older than the Parthenon, was originally built to honor the Greek godess of Aphrodite (Venus), the godess of love, in the 6th century B.C.  It was later moved during Roman times to another location, which was considered a sacred area where there was a concentration of temples and shrines. Read more.

Divers have fished out a relief and a tombstone dating back to Roman times out of Drava river near Osijek.

The relief shows a mythical scene, possibly Venus with two cupids, but archaeologists cannot be certain before the restoration work is completed. Both pieces are believed to date to the second or third century.

Underwater archaeologist Kruno Zubcic discovered the find weighing 400 kilograms at a depth of five metres, daily Jutarnji List writes. (source)