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Two very rare discoveries could shed light on the mystery of prehistoric bison in Yukon. Both a full bison skeleton and partial remains were found on two separate occasions near Whitehorse last week.

Craig Duncan was trenching a power line to a new house in the Porter Creek neighbourhood of Whitehorse when he came across something unusual.

"I stumbled across a bone and so we decided to look further and found quite a bit," said Duncan.

The full skeleton was about six feet underground. Duncan informed the Yukon Government’s paleontologists and archeologists and within hours, the digging was underway.

"They got pretty excited. It was pretty funny — they just basically all came running," said Duncan.

Also last week, a family was skiing on Fish Lake, about 15 kilometres from Whitehorse, when they came across more bison remains. The remains were sticking out of the ice on the lake. Read more.